Fire Assay Crucibles for precious metals determination

We supply high performance, multi-use Fire Assay Crucibles, Ashes Assay Crucibles and Scorifiers for the determination of Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, and Platinum Group Metals) using the Fire Assay / Cupellation method (aka “Docimasy”).

Fire Assay Crucibles application is to “flux-melt” a sample under high temperature and reducing conditions. It is possible to Fire Assay the  following kinds of samples:
 ● Gold mines and Geological Labs Exploration ores from drill cores / trenching / grabbing

 ● Mineral concentrates and electrolytic slimes. Copper smelters are the most common processors of mineral concentrates.

 Scraps Residues (ashes) from sweeps / filings / lemel / catalysts . Precious metal refineries recylce these materals.

Their design provides erosion and cracking resistance under harsh working conditions, longer life, faster fusion, constant melting speed and resistance to thermal shock.

Furthermore, their material of construction is silico aluminous refractory which confers them excellent resistance against the high temperatures present in the oven (up to 1300ºC)

Last but not least, their dense body also minimizes absorption losses.

The capacity of these crucibles ranges  from 1 to 2-¼ assay-tons and suit most assayers jobs:

  • From small crucibles for the precious metal refiners
  • To large crucibles for the gold mines and geological labs
  • Finally, our ashes assay crucibles have also a “pronouced inner conical shape to optimize the separation of lead and slag phase. This is particulary useful if the crucible is only used one time. The reason is that it avoids having to use a lead button conical mould.
Fire Assay Crucibles SH Range

Fire Assay Crucibles SH Range

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