Ashes Assay Crucibles 130×80 – SHSC80S

Ashes Assay Crucible SHSC80S – 130×80

Heigt: 130 mm

Diameter: 80 mm

Product description

Ashes Assay Crucibles 130×80 (SHSC80S)

Heigt: 130 mm

Diameter: 80 mm

Volume: 260 ml

Ashes Assay Crucibles section

Our ashes assay crucibles 130×80 (SHSC80S) material of construction is fire clay mixed with other refractory materials. They withstand temperatures up to 1300`C.

This composition and their design give them an excellent resistance against flux attack, erosion, cracking and thermal shock. They can therefore work under harsh conditions, and have a longer life. Furthermore, they have a high resistance to thermal shock,  and produce a faster fusion,  and constant melting speed .

Another important feature of our fire assay crucibles, is that they are very stable because of their wide base. This is particularly relevant for furnaces that have an irregular ground due to flux attack and erosion.

In addition, our ashes assay crucibles have a pronouced inner conical shape to optimize the separation of the lead and slag phase. This is particulary useful if the ashes assay crucibles is only fired one time. The reason is that this avoids the use of a lead button conical mould.

Last but not least, their dense body also minimizes absorption losses.




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