We can supply fire assay pure silver inquarts with a 99.99%, lead – silver inquarts, copper inquarts and gold wire 99.99% for cupellation.


Our inquarts have a purity of 99.99% and we have two ranges available:

  •  200mg and 500mg inquarts for ISO11426.  According to ISO11426, it is necessary to inquart the sample to analyse it. The  silver is equivalent to 2.3 to 3 times the mass of fine gold present. 
  • Smaller inquarts ranging from 1mg up to 50mg are mainly employed to directly inquart in the fire assay crucibles according to ISO10378. 

Weight / mgDimensions and ShapePacking
1Ag wirePack of 2000 units
2Ag wirePack of 4000 units
4Ag wirePack of 1000 units
5Ag wirePack of 3000 units
6Ag wirePack of 1000 units
10Ag wirePack of 1000 units
15Ag wirePack of 1000 units
20Ag wirePack of 3000 units
50Ag wirePack of 500 units
200Ag ring
∅5.5 x 1.4
By required weight
500Ag disc
∅8.2 x 1
By required weight

200mg Birefined Silver Inquarts for cupellation
200mg Pure silver inquarts, birefined ∅5.5 x 1.4
500mg Pure silver inquarts, birefined
500mg Pure silver inquarts birefined ∅8.2 x 1
LEAD SILVER INQUARTS – 2mg Silver (equivalent to Herman inquarts)

Lead silver inquarts consist of precut lead wire with a very definite amount of silver. Furthermore these inquarts are gold free. These lead silver inquarts are equivalent to Herman Inquarts and can replace them.

The main advantages of using Herman Inquarts are:

– HIgh precision as each inquart contains an exact amount of silver 

– Very fast addition of the silver in the crucible as it is not necessary to weight (time saving) 

Lead Silver Inquart Typical Composition

Lead silver inquarts - 2mg Ag (Herman Inquarts)

Lead silver inquart – 2mg Ag (Herman Inquart)


The copper inquarts are used to analyse white gold alloys containing palladium. 

In this case, traces of palladium may remain in the cornet after a single cupellation and parting. With these alloys, the cornets from the sample and the proof assays should be recupelled with 4 g of lead, silver equal to 2,5 times the mass of gold and with about 50 mg of copper inquart.

Our copper inquarts are in the form of granules allowing an easy weighing. 

Pure copper inquartsa

Pure copper inquarts


Pure 99.99% gold wire for cupellation. 
Gold wire 99.99%
Gold wire 99.99%