Cupel trays


Our refractory Cupel trays application is to quickly and safely handle cupels or bullion blocks while keeping their rank order. They therefore not only help to save time but also to reduce possible placement errors.

Other possible uses, include handling of other items such as gold annealing crucibles, quartz baskets, or even fire assay or ashes assay crucibles.

Beneath their surface, they have two parallel wide grooves to easily and safely handke them with our Tray Forks, specially designed for the purpose. The table showing our available range of cupel trays also indicates whch is the most appropiate fork to handle them. 

Furthermore, cupel trays are also useful to protect the furnace hearth against Litharge (PbO) spills because they add an additional layer of protetion to its refractory linings. They therefore contribute to enhance the furnace’s lifespan. They are made of silico aluminous refractories that give them a long  life. This material and their design also protects them against the conitunous cooling and heating cycles they have to endure, and also against the loss of planimetry . Another important advantage is that they are resitsant to thermal shock. 

We have a large range of cupel trays covers to cover the major part of furnace sizes. The pictures below several examples of cupels or other items  placed on top of the trays.


Finally, we recommend spreading Maborite (magnesia dressing powder) on top of the tray to absorb Litharge spills. Maborite also protects the cupels from sticking to the tray and further protects the furnace hearth from Litharge attacks. A picture below shows a cupel tray with maborite on top of it.


Cupel Tray P52 with 36 Magnesia Cupels # 2X
Cupel tray with Maborite non sticking powder
Cupel tray with Maborite non sticking powder
Fork TF2 and Cupel Tray with 12 Magnesia Cupels #11
Gold annealling crucibles and cupel tray P51
Gold annealling crucibles and cupel tray P51