Our refractory Cupel trays application is to quickly handle cupels, bullion blocks, fire assay crucibles or other fire assay accessories while keeping their rank order, and avoiding placement errors.

Beneath their surface, our cupel trays have two parallel wide grooves to easily and safely handke them with specially manufactured Tray Forks. Furthermore, they are made of silico-aluminous materials that confers them a long life. This material and their design also protects them against the continuous cooling and heating cycles they endure. 

In addition to optimising the handling of the cupels, cupel trays are also useful to protect the furnace hearth against Litharge (PbO) spills. Indeed, they constitute an additional layer of protection for the refractory lining of oven.

However, we also recommend spreading Maborite on top of the tray to absorb Litharge spills. Maborite also protects the cupels from sticking to the tray and further protects the furnace hearth from Litharge attacks. Alternatively, it is also possible to use Bone Ash powder instead of Maborite, some users prefer it because it is easier to clean thanks to its low density.

The cupel trays can handle other items different from cupels, such as:

We have an ample range of cupel trays that covers the major part of furnace sizes.

Fire Assay Cupels on cupel trays
Refractory Tray with 12 Magnesia Cupels #11 and Fork TF2
Cupel Tray P52 with 36 Magnesia Cupels # 2X


Cupel Tray P235 with 20 Magnesia Cupels # 8A