Assay Litharge, gold free, immediate supply


Product description

Assay grade Litharge (PbO) is the key ingredient of assay flux. During the reductive fusion that takes place in the fire assay crucible, Assay Litharge has the following functions:

  • Collector: When Litharge reduces into lead, it rains downd under the form of droplets through the sample collecting all metals
  • Fluxing agent
  • Desulphuriser: Prevents the formation of ‘Matte’ (by oxidation of sulphurs)
  • Solvent: Litharge acts as a solvent for metallic oxides
  • Prevents formation of ‘Speiss‘ (by oxidation of antimony and arsenic).
  • Prevents reduction into lead button of those metals below lead in the redox potential series.
  • Combined with acid reagents PbO forms an efficient Solventf or acid and basic Oxide Compounds that are too viscous at furnace temperature.
Our Assay litharge is under the form of 25 kg bags and has a low silver content:
%< 0.0015< 0.0010< 0.0250< 0.0020< 0.0010< 0.0010
Assay Grade Litharge


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