Assay Lead Foil 99.99% for cupellation supply

Assay grade lead foil 99.99%, 0.1 mm thickness

ASSAY LEAD FOIL 99.99% (ASSAY LEAD TAPE) for cupellation

99.99% purity assay grade lead foil (assay lead tape) gold free, and silver free for cupellation following the fire assay method.

Our assay lead foil or assay lead tape has also a low bismuth content, ensuring an exact analysis and is also in accordance with ISO11426 for the determination of gold in jewellery alloys (cupellation method fire assay).

The thicknes of our lead foil is 0.1mm.  This allows to easily cut it with scissors, and to roll and compress it into a tight ball.

In order to give the best possible service and ensure an immediate supply, we stock lead foil with the following width:

  • 40 mm in rolls of 5kg
  • 50 mm in rolls of 2kg, 5kg or 10kg
  • 70 mm in rolls of 10kg
  • If you let us know we can also custom make a lead foil roll for you

Manufacturing is achieved by carefully laminating high purity lead ingots until the thickness of 0.1mm is obtained. Our lead foil has a high quality and is free of tears or other imperfections.

Furthermore, we provide a certificate of analysis for each purchase to ensure a full traceability of the product.

Finally, if not carefully packed, it can very easily be damaged and get torn during transformation. We therefore pack it very carefully to avoid this problem.

Typical analyis:

Pb (Lead) 99,99%
Sn (Tin) 0,010 % max
Sb (Antimony) 0,001 % max
Cu (Copper) 0,001 % max
Fe (Iron) 0,002 % max
Zn (Zinc) 0,001 % max
Cd (Cadmium) 0,001 % max
Bi (Bismuth) 0,005 % max
As (Arsenic) 0,002 % max
Ni (Nickel) 0,001 % max
Ag (Silver) 0,001 % max
Al (Aluminium) 0,001 % max
In (Indium) =
Au (Gold) 0,001 % max


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