200mg Birefined Silver Inquarts for cupellation

Birefined Silver inquarts 200mg and 500mg

Our silver inquarts have a purity of 99.99% . 

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See below typical compositon:

Sn1 ppm
Cu6 ppm
Bi1 ppm
Fe5 ppm
Sb1 ppm
Al2 ppm
Au5 ppm
Zn4 ppm
S2 ppm
Cd1 ppm
Pb1 ppm
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Aluminized Gloves Size 8

Aluminized safety gloves size 8 (small)

See our new range of aluminized safety gloves.

Fire Assay Aluminized Saferty gloves:

  • size 8
  • Total Length 43m
  • Exterior : Aluminized clothing
  • Leather palm
  • Interior: Nomex textile 500g
  • Kevlar Lining

They are ideal for smaller hands.

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Quartz parting and annealing trays / baskets

Check out our quartz parting and annealing trays / baskets.

They are a direct substitute of both parting flasks, and gold annealing crucibles.

These quartz baskets are capable of withstanding:

  • Attack of concentrated nitric acid
  • High temperature necessary for annealing (up to 1000ºC)
  • Thermal shock due to very low coefficient of thermal expansion.

They are therefore suitable for simultaneously processing the two nitric acid attacks (the first with nitric acid 33%, the second with nitric acid 49%) and then go directly in the gold annealing furnace (after rincing with water).

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